interview with

Interview by Chris Beyond!
Conducted at MR. T'S BOWL,
March 15th, 1996

For the past couple years and with a couple member
changes, SIX VOLT SUNBEAM have been
making plenty of people happy with their music.
Their sound can be described as somewhere around
THE PIXIES and THE CARS and yet they manage
to sound completely original. They were the first
band that my band, EAR BEYOND, ever played
a club show with (at the infamous Natural Fudge
Company) and Omar (the lead guitarist and singer)
and I have been friends ever since. This interview
took place as SIX VOLT SUNBEAM members
Omar, Lisa, and Ed were breaking down their set
after a rousing show at Mr. T's Bowl in Highland
Park. Join us, won't you...

C = Chris Beyond (No-Fi "Magazine" Creator / EAR BEYOND vocals, guitar)
O = Omar Lee (SIX VOLT SUNBEAM Vocals/Guitar)
E = Ed (SIX VOLT SUNBEAM Drums / Also plays in BURNING SOFA #10)

C: Your first big exclusive question is...and I have never started an
interview with this question before...Have you EVER held a monkey?
O: No.
E: No.
L: My sister got bit by one...a baboon.
C: Why?
L: It chased her down the street.
C: A Baboon chased her down the street?
L: Yeah.
O: This wasn't in L.A. was it?
L: It was like when she was a child...and it WAS in L.A.
O: It was?
C: And a baboon was just chasing her down the street.
L: I swear.
C: Ahhhh, you shouldn't swear. It's bad for you. Let's see...
Would you describe your life more like WAITING TO EXHALE or
O: Uh...pick another movie.
C: ...Or some movie starring Klingons. How's that?
O: No, THE JOY LUCK CLUB, thanks.
E: Um, I didn't see any of them.
C: So it could be "either-or" is what you are saying.
L: I just saw THE JOY LUCK CLUB and my life is not like it.
C: So obviosly it's like WAITING TO EXHALE. When you think about it,
it can only one or the other. Anyway...why don't you guys list some of
YOUR favorite bands?
O: Why don't I listen to them?
C: NO! Why don't you LIST them?
E: CampervanbeethovanSebadohUncletupaloWilcoSunvolt...
O: Let's see...THE BEE GEES and MOTORHEAD.
C: THE CARTER FAMILY? As in the Carters from the White House?
L: No! It's country music!
O: The Manson Family!
C: List some of your favorite porn films and Why?
O: I only saw one porn film when I was 13 and I haven't seen one since.
E: The Ed Powers Collection...uh, Buttman? Return Of Buttman.
E: Yeah, Buttslammers.
C: And what are these films about?
E: They're about, like, Fucking!
O: Well said!
L: And...uh, uh, uh,...I forgot the names!
C: Well, you're no fun!
L: But...
C: BUTT?!? It's just called butt?!? Wow!
L: No no no no!
O: The best ones are the ones that are based on actual movies like
Edward Penishands...
C: Hey! I have a friend who was in all three of those!
E: I just saw the end.
C: Oh, when he was squirting? That was the most touching part of the story.
They were hugging. It was beutiful.
O: I missed that one.
C: What are some of your favorite drinks?
L: Coffee!
E: Coco-Cola!
O: Mango flavored Perriee.
C: Mango flavored period?!? gross!
O: Perriee!
C: Do you guys KNOW that you are emulating G.G. Allen during your
act all the time?
O: We are very aware of it, thanks, and we accept the compliment.
E: Somebody had to take over.
O: I will commit suicide on Halloween, 1999!
C: (To Lisa) When will you commit suicide?
L: Never! I'm gonna live forever!
C: What was one of your most embarrasssing moments?
O: I have a catalogue! It's nothing I would tell you!
C: Think of me as your doctor.
L: I've never had one!
O: Listening to our old bass player Jon explain the absence of the H from his name was unique. Repeatably! That was the problem. It was embassassing being near him when he would say that. Jon used to say, "I'm Jon with No H!" He used it as a come-on line.
C: Do you want to comment on Jon sueing you?
O: Yeah, the big legal guns and artillary! I can't say anything more. It's hush hush!
L: He's gonna steal our millions!
O: He's stealing our untold fortunes!
C: Omar, how do you think YOU'VE personally evolved in the whole band scene? Like your biggest lesson...
O: Don't lend anybody your amp and if they ask repeatably tell them the one you are using is borrowed and you can't lend it out. I'm not gonna name names. (He coughs what sounds simular to the name of the opening band)
C: I gave them NO-FI "MAGAZINES" and they threw them down!
O: They didn't! Undiscriminating!

(We all say our good-byes as they must load up their car.)

NO-FI FUN FACT EXTRA-UPDATE! SIX VOLT SUNBEAM's new album "SUR LA TABLE" was released by EXTRA STRENGTH RECORDS in September 1996! They have since discontinued playing together as SIX VOLT SUNBEAM. Omar and Lisa are now in a new band called PONG.

Originally Published in NO-FI "MAGAZINE" #2 April 1996 The "Highlights For Kids" Parody Issue, Page 3

Chris Beyond